The Decline of Democracy in Central Europe and Eurasia

Freedom House , in its latest report, warns of a "significant decline in democracy" across Central Europe, the Balkans, and Eurasia, and says many leaders in those areas are seeking to remove any obstacles to their power.
The Freedom House writes in its annual report, "Countries in Transition," published on May 6: "An increasing number of leaders in Central and Eastern Europe have even given up on pretending to follow the rules of democracy. "They are openly attacking democratic institutions and trying to restrict individual freedoms."
The report also said that in many countries, the judiciary, the rule of law and judicial independence have been targeted. The biggest declines occurred in six countries: the Czech Republic, Georgia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland and Slovakia.
Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro are completely out of the classification of democracies and are subject to transitional governments and dual regimes.
Hungary has seen the largest decline in 25 years of Freedom House reporting. Poland is in a relatively similar situation. In this report, Russia is in the group of authoritarian regimes.
Kosovo, northern Macedonia, Armenia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan have been on the rise.